Redundant Access - Webshells for evading defenses and persistence.

This demo assumes a server compromise and that the attacker has already uploaded a webshell to the compromised host for persistence.


Below illustrates the existence of a simple webshell on a compromised Windows 2008R at running IIS web service. It also shows output of the classic system enumeration commands - net, whoami, ipconfig, etc:


Note that this particular webshell's HTTP requests are sent to the webserver via POST method which means that looking at the IIS web logs will not allow you to see what commands were executed using the webshell. The only things you will just will be a bunch of POST requests to the c.aspx file:

However, if you are collecting network traffic data, you can see the attacker's commands and their outputs:

Looking at sysmon process creation logs, we can immediately identify nefarious behaviour - we can see multiple enumeration commands being invoked from c:\windows\system\inetsrv working directory under a ISS\APPOOL\DefaultAppPool user - this should not happen under normal circumstances and should raise your suspicion:


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