This is a living document that captures notes related to anything and all neo4j and cypher queries.

List Databases

show databases 

Create New Database

create database spotless

Switch Database

:use spotless

Import Data from CSV and Define Relationships Between Nodes

Sample Data

Below is a sample CSV file with 3 columns, that represents Windows authentication information between different endpoints (think lateral movement detection/investigation/threat hunting):




A computer that successfully authenticated to a DestinationComputer


A computer that SourceComputer authenticated to


A user name that was used to logon from SourceComputer to DestinationComputer


The file needs to be saved to the import folder of your database folder. In my case, the path is C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Neo4j\Relate\Data\dbmss\dbms-8320b8a8-e54d-4742-a432-c8014b5968ec\import\lateral-movement.csv

Importing Nodes from CSV and Creating Relationships

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///lateral-movement.csv' AS line
MERGE (a:Computer {Computer:line.SourceComputer} )
MERGE (b:Computer {Computer:line.DestinationComputer} )
MERGE (a) -[:LOGGED_IN {loggedAs:line.DestinationUserName}]-> (b)

Clean Database

match (a) -[r] -> () delete a, r; match (a) delete a

Match Nodes WHERE DestinationComputer Contains "WS"

MATCH p=()-[r:LOGGED_IN]->(m:Computer) where m.Computer CONTAINS "WS" RETURN p LIMIT 25

Match Nodes WHERE Relationship Contains "james"

MATCH p=()-[r:LOGGED_IN]->() where (r.loggedAs contains "james") RETURN p LIMIT 25

Match Nodes with 3 Hops Between Them

MATCH p=()-[r:LOGGED_IN*3]->() RETURN p LIMIT 25

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