Configuring Kernel Debugging Environment with kdnet and WinDBG Preview

This is a quick note showing how to start debugging Windows kernel using kdnet.exe and WinDBG Preview (the new WinDBG you can get from the Windows Store).


  • Debugger - local host on which WinDBG will run. In my case a host with IP

  • Debuggee - remote host which will be debugged by the host running the debugger. In my case - a host with IP

On the Debuggee

Copy over kdnet.exe and VerifiedNICList.xml to the debugee host. Get these files from a host that has Windows Development Kit installed, in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64:

Then in an elevated prompt:

kdnet 50001

The bewlow shows how kdnet prints out the command that needs to be run on the debugger host:

windbg -k net:port=50001,key=1dk3k2bprui6m.26vzkoub4jmjl.3v6rvfqjys3ek.6kyxal1u1w6s

Copy and paste to a notepad and reboot the debugee.

On the Debugger

In WinDBG Preview, navigate to: start debugging > attach to kernel and enter the port and the key you got from running the kdnet on the debugge host:

Click OK and you should now be ready to start debugging the host


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