Shellcode Reflective DLL Injection

Shellcode reflective DLL injection (sRDI) is a technique that allows converting a given DLL into a position independent shellcode that can then be injected using your favourite shellcode injection and execution technique. In this lab I wanted to try this technique as I think it is an amazing technique to have in your arsenal.

In this lab, I'm playing with the amazing written by monoxgas from Silent Break Security.


Let's compile a simple x86 DLL - in my case, an odd DLL that pops 2 notepad processes when executed:

Convert the DLL into shellcode. We will get an array of shellcode bytes represented in decimal values:

$sc = ConvertTo-Shellcode \\VBOXSVR\Experiments\messagebox\messagebox\Debug\messagebox.dll

Let's convert them to hex:

$sc2 = $sc | % { write-output ([System.String]::Format('{0:X2}', $_)) }

Join them all and print to a text file:

$sc2 -join "" > shell.txt

Create a new binary file with the shellcode we got earlier - just copy the hex string (as seen in the above screenshot) and paste it to a new file using HxD hex editor:

In order to load and execute the shellcode, we will place it in the binary as a resource as described in my other lab Loading and Executing Shellcode From PE Resources:

Compile and run the binary. If the shellcode runs successfully, we should see two notepad.exe processes popup:


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