Dump Virtual Box Memory

A quick reminder of one of the ways of how to dump memory of a VM running on VirtualBox in Linux environment.

List Available VMs

cd "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\"
.\VBoxManage.exe list vms

"win1002 debugee" {5f176ebb-a0cc-4dc7-9c6f-988fcbcca867}

Enable Debug Mode

linux host
mantvydas@~: virtualbox --startvm 'yourVMName or VM UUID' --dbg

Dump VM Memory

Launch the VirtualBox debug console by navigating to "Debug" menu an select "Command Line":

Once you select "Command Line", you will be presented with a console that looks like this:

To create a memory dump, issue the below command (also highlighted in the above graphic):

VBoxDbg> .pgmphystofile 'w7-nc-shell.bin'


If you want the debug options to be always available, you can:

  • export VBOX_GUI_DBG_ENABLED=true before launching the VM or

  • put export VBOX_GUI_DBG_ENABLED=true in your .bashrc or /etc/environment

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